Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer payment options?

A: Yes, we are extremely flexible and can meet any needs of our customer.


How long are the driving sessions?
A: Typically each driving session is 3 hours long and divided into two separate driving times. We also offer two hour and six hour sessions upon request.  


Does my child need to know how to parallel park?
A: No, we provide that in our six hours behind the wheel session.


What is third party testing?
A: The Department of Motor Vehicles has given first time licensees the opportunity to take the road test with certified driving instructors. The same scoring system used at SCDMV site is also used at Third Party Testing sites. Once your child has finished the state law requirement they are eligible to test for a Class D license. Once the driver has passed the Class D test, the third party testing coordinator will provide the driver with documentation needed to obtain thier driver license. If your child is 15 or 16 the cost is only $12.50, however the license is only good for 5 years. Students will need to provide the license cost to the SCDMV.


What is random testing?
A: Random testing is process that the SCDMV uses to make sure that driving schools maintain high standards. Your child may be randomly selected to take the road test a second time. With the purchase of the Gold Package a student can use Championship Driving Schools’ car to take the test again.


Will I be selected for random testing?
A: The test is completely random, so there is no way to predict who will be selected.


What is insurance reduction?
A: Insurance reduction is the driver education course needed to obtain a driver license. It also provides up to 25% discount on the driver’s car insurance upon completion.


What do students bring on class day?
A: Students should bring their permit, extra money for snacks (lunch is provided) and a great attitude.


Do you provide lunch?
A: We provide pizza for lunch and soft drinks for no extra charge.


Who do I contact after the eight hours of class are completed to set-up driving times?
A: We will contact you within one week to schedule a driving session that best fits your needs.


What does the student need to bring during the driving sessions?
A: Permit, sunglasses, spending money for snacks (optional) and a great attitude.


Do you offer point reduction?
A: No